Every Jerith aluminum fence is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. This guarantee covers our products against rust, defects in workmanship, and materials, as well as chipping, peeling, or cracking of the FencCoat™ finish for as long as you own your Jerith fence. We are the first fence manufacturer to include a Lifetime Warranty on its products. While other aluminum fences may offer a similar guarantee, consider why a Jerith warranty means so much more.

First, we have manufactured our aluminum fences for more than 50 years, so we know how well they hold up over time. Most competing products have been on the market for less than 10 years. They simply do not have the experience that we have in fencing.

Jerith Fences Meet Most Building Codes for Swimming Pool Enclosures

We offer a wide variety of heights and styles of fence that meet building codes for pool fences. The following styles all have less than 4" between pickets and 45" between rails, or less than 1-3/4" between pickets with any rail spacing:

  • 48" tall - Ovation, 400 Series Residential, Patriot 6 gauge
  • 52" tall - Bravo, Symphony
  • 54" tall - 200 Series Residential, Windsor
  • 57" tall - 100 Series Residential, Concord
  • 60" tall - All Regency styles, 200/400 Series Residential, Patriot 6 gauge
  • 72" tall - All Regency styles, 100/200/400 Series Residential, Patriot 6 gauge, Concord

Secondly, fences are the only product that we make. Therefore, we concentrate all of our research and development efforts into producing the best fence possible. This is of utmost importance to our growth and success as a company.

Finally, we test our fences to back up every claim we make. This is how we grew to become the largest aluminum fence manufacturer in North America.

You must have confidence in the manufacturer of your fence or the warranty will have no value at all to you. Over the past 50 years, we have earned a reputation for delivering what we promise. And, we won an American Business Ethics Award to prove it! That is why Jerith's warranty means more to you.